STEP by STEP: Windows Mobile Device

You will need a computer with Wifi.

1. Log into with your computer

2. In My Library, Click the Blue DOWNLOAD button on the right.



3. Click on "More" for individual chapters. 

** Do not download the Zip unless you know how to unzip the files or have no other choice. The M4Bs will not work on a Windows Mobile device, so do not download the M4Bs.**


4. Once you have downloaded your MP3s, then find a program Microsoft OneDrive and download it to your computer

5. You will need to log into your Microsoft Account. Put in your Microsoft Email address.

6. Select Personal

7. Go ahead and sign into your Microsoft Account.

8. Determine where you want your OneDrive Account to store your files.

9. Choose the Downloads Folder. Click Next. 

10. Select 'Choose Folders to Sync' as you will want to select what files are uploaded to OneDrive.

11. Open OneDrive Folder.

12. You will have two windows open: OneDrive's Folder (Folder on the left) as well as your Downloads Folder (Folder on the right) . 

13. Drag (move) the files from the Downloads Folder into the OneDrive Folder.

14. Once the files are loaded in the OneDrive folder, automatically, they will begin to upload to the server on OneDrive.

15. On your Windows Mobile Device, download OneDrive from the App Store. 

16. Log in and after the files uploaded from the computer, you will see your files.

17. You can now stream the files on your Windows Device. 

*** Be Aware, you are streaming from the internet (using your data connection). Be sure to use only wifi. ***











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