STEP by STEP: CREDITS | How to Use

To use the credits:

1. Log in to

2. Find a book of your choice, select Buy Now


3. Located in the center, there is a Column APPLY CREDITS. Beneath the APPLY CREDITS title, there is a Box. 

- If the audiobook is equal to or under your current Audiobook Credit Balance (Active or Inactive Paid Member) then the APPLY CREDITS box will be checked. If the audiobook is worth more credits than your Audiobook Credit Balance, you will be presented to instantly renew your Membership in order to apply your current Audiobook Credit Balance plus your new Membership Audiobook Credits as well. Or instead, you can purchase the audiobook with a Credit Card/Paypal.


5. Then click on Checkout. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

To listen to your audiobook, click HERE for STEP by STEP directions.

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