STEP by STEP: GIFT THIS | Redeem Code

1. Before you are able to redeem your code and download your book, you will need to Sign in to (If you do not yet have an account, you'll need to Create An Account HERE. This is required before you can redeem any Gift This code.)

2. Once you Create An Account or Sign in to your christianaudio account, then scroll to the bottom of the website. Click on Redeem a Gift in the bottom left corner or just Click HERE


3. Enter your Gift This code into the empty box and select Continue.


4. The system will prompt you asking if you want to receive a copy of your audiobook. Click Continue.


5. You will be taken to your My Library so you can download your audiobook To see how to listen to audiobooks with your specific device, click here for STEP by STEP instructions.



Although Gift This codes do not expire (unless otherwise stated) and can be redeemed at your convenience, we recommend that you redeem them as soon as possible as titles can be removed from the site due to agreements in place with publishers. A Gift This code can only be used once.


If you have questions about redeeming a Gift This code, please email customer service at:

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