STEP by STEP: CANCEL Membership

Wait! What will I lose if I cancel?

** When stopping an account since you can always re-activate your christianaudio account, we use the same terminology: Cancel/Pause/Deactivate/Stop/Suspend is all the same thing.

Receiving Monthly Audiobook Credits || Everyday Exclusive Membership Savings! || Membership Sales Events


  • Receiving Multiple Audiobook Credits a Month so You Can Get multiple books!
  • Everyday Membership Savings!
  • Exclusive Membership Sales Events!
  • Use Audiobook Credits to Purchase Gifts with 'Gift This'
  • Audiobook Credits Rollover
  • Auto-Renewal Membership


1. Log In to your Account. Click on {your Name}.

2. Click on My Membership from the Drop-Down Menu

3. Once on the My Membership tab, click the Deactivate Link

4. A pop-up window will appear. Click on the gray Deactivate link (Located on the right-hand side).

5. You can leave feedback if you would like. However, please only leave information such as a reason why you are canceling your service. This is just for reviewal purposes for christianaudio and we do not respond back to these.

If you need a response, then please email 


6. Make sure that your final screen shows that your account has been deactivated before you assume that your account is cancelled. Please note the message in gray below.

Please remember that you can still log into your account by using your email address + password. Your account only has been switched from a Paid Membership to a Free Account. Your Free Account stills allows access to your current audiobooks, to download the Audiobook of the Month each month, and to purchase any audiobook at regular price! Also, please remember, you can always purchase audiobooks for others by using the 'Gift This' option!

If you would like to continue your Membership again, you then again receive audiobook credits monthly, take advantage of exclusive Member sales, and also have discounts on most of the audiobooks on christianaudio.

If you'd like to start your Membership again in the future, simply revisit My Membership, and click on Start Membership.


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