STEP by STEP: How to Set Up 4 Credit Membership


1. Visit Click on "Memberships".


2. Click on the Blue button "Start 4 credit plan"


3. The plan will be added to your cart. During your 30days for Free Trial, you will receive Free 4 Audiobook credits and special Membership discounting on most audiobooks. 

** Please note, this is a Trial Membership for 30 days for Free. After the 30 days expire, your account will automatically be billed for $14.95, you will then receive 4 additional audiobook credits, every 30 days this will occur. If you do not wish this to happen, you must cancel before the 30days, see how to cancel HERE.


4. At this point, you can add audiobooks by using your instant 4 Free audiobook credits. Click on Browse Audiobooks. (For iPhone users, you will have to tap on the "3 horizontal lines with Menu" and then tap on Browse Audiobooks).


5. Browse and find an audiobook of your choice. (Please notice the credits, as you will have 4 to use). Select BUY NOW.

** If you have just purchased your Membership, please DO NOT select the Green button, as it will end your Trial Membership and you will instantly be billed $14.95 for a "Renewal" New Membership.


6. The audiobook will immediately appear in your cart alongside your Membership. Please note the Orange bar that says you have 4 credits as you will want to Apply these credits towards your audiobook.  

- If the audiobook is equal to or under your current Audiobook Credit Balance, then the APPLY CREDITS box will be checked. If the audiobook is worth more credits than your Audiobook Credit Balance, you can either  choose a different audiobook equal to or under your 4 audiobook credits or you can purchase the audiobook with a Credit Card or Paypal.


7. You can Now Click on Checkout.

** If you have not used up your credits, you can continue to add audiobooks this way by Repeating STEP 5 again or you can choose to use your Audiobook credits later.


8. You will now be presented with the ability to set up your Membership by Registering for an Account. (You need an account in order to purchase the Membership so that it will be linked to an email address). Click on Register.

9. Fill out your First Name, Last Name, Email AddressBilling Address, etc.

** Be sure to check the box next to "Newsletter (sent weekly)" and also "New Title Releases (weekly, on Friday)" or you will not be able to download the FREE Audiobook of the Month each month.

10. Fill Out your credit card information for the billing of your Membership, which will start billing after your 30 days expire.

** You may see $1.00 bill to your credit card as a test to make sure that the card is valid. However, this will immediately be refunded to you.


11. Read through the Terms & Conditions and then check the box I Agree. Then click on Place Order.


12. Success! Your order is complete! You will now receive an email shortly in order to confirm/verify your email address for the Confirmation of the Newsletter Subscription. 

13. In your Email account, you will need to confirm the newsletter from your own email account. Open your Email Account. You will now receive 3 emails:

     1) Welcome to christianaudio, {Your Name}!

     2) christianaudio: Please Confirm Subscription

     3) Your christianaudio Order # ########

Click on the email titled christianaudio: Please Confirm Subscription. Click on Yes, subscribe me to this list Screen_Shot_2016-02-25_at_9.30.07_AM.png. Your confirmation email should look like the example below:


** If you do NOT see the Email Confirmation titled "christianaudio: Please Confirm Subscription" from christianaudio, then please check the following: 

     A. Check your INBOX mailbox

     B. Refresh your email account.

     C. Search your email account with the search bar for either 'christianaudio' or 'Please Confirm Subscription'

     D. Check your JUNK/SPAM mailbox

     E. Check your ALL mailbox (A few email accounts have an ALL mailbox which is different than the INBOX mailbox).

     F. If you still cannot find the email, please email Customer Service at

14. Once you click the button Yes, subscribe me to this list, you will see Subscription Confirmed

15. You are now ready:

     A) Instructions on how to PURCHASE AUDIOBOOKS 

     B) Download the AUDIOBOOK OF THE MONTH, See Instructions HERE.

     C) Instructions on how to LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIOBOOKS!

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