ANDROID APP || Login Issue

If you are having difficulty Logging into the Android App:
1. Please make note of your password. If your password contains special characters such as &, +, ` or others, then it may not work in the App. You will be able to log into and you can change the password to avoid special characters.
2. Please check the Software version of your Android Device (An update to our App has cleared this issue, please uninstall the App and reinstall it to christianaudio App Version 1.0.1 Build 16):
Settings > About Device (About Phone) > Android Version: ?
** Please note, if your Android Version is under 5.0, then it does not support the christianaudio App. 
3. Please empty the cache and data from the christianaudio App/Apps. Each phone is different, so you will need to know how to delete the cache in the Apps on your phone. The most common processes are:
Settings > Application Manager > christianaudio
- Scroll down and click on Clear Data & also Clear Cache
Setttings > Storage > Internal Storage > Cache Data
- Tap on Cache Data and delete
4. Once the "Cache and also Data" or "Cache Data" is removed, open the App
- Go to the front screen of the App with the two buttons: "Sign In" or "Demo"
- Tap on "Demo"
If your Android Device is able to enter the Demo, then you know that you will be able to log into your own account and that it might be an email+password issue.
Log out of the Demo, and try your own account
5. Login with your email address + password
(Make sure that there are no spaces before or after the email address and that all upper/lower case as well as special characters are there. Android phones, especially when you auto populate the email address will most often add spaces automatically on their own).
If you still cannot get in, please uninstall the App, shut the phone off, and turn it back on and re-download the App
6. Uninstall the App
Settings > Application Manager > christianaudio > Uninstall
- Turn off the phone
- Turn on the phone
- Visit Google Play Store, search for "christianaudio" and redownload the App
- Try to login again, watch out for capital letters, special characters, and also for spaces before or after your email address and password.
If you cannot log in, please email
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