ANDROID || STEP by STEP: Clearing Default Downloading Process

Your Android phone/tablet has a Default setting in your Browser on how to download audio files. In order to download Audiobooks, you will need to clear the Default Settings:

1. On your Android phone/tablet, tap on Settings, scroll down until you find Application Manager.


2. Swipe your finger across the top, from Downloaded | SD Card | Running | All, scroll until you see ALL


3. Scroll down until you find your internet browser. This file could be Firefox, Chrome, Internet, etc. In this case, we are using Chrome as our internet browser.


4. Scroll down and select Clear Defaults


At this point, you can go back to your My Library and then try downloading your audiobook. When you try downloading the audiobook, you will see this pop-up giving you the option of how to download. You will select your browser of choice and then select "Just Once" to download each file of the audiobook.

Screenshot_2015-12-18-13-10-00.png ---> Screenshot_2015-12-18-13-10-07.png  

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