ANDROID || Download the Audiobook to my Device, Stop Streaming

There is a default in your settings on your Android Device which has been set to 'Always' autoplay when a audio link is selected. You will need to clear the Default Settings so that you can download the audio file instead of having it auto-play.

Please visit this link to see how to do this:

Instructions Are As Follows from the source above:
- Tap on Settings
- Tap on Application Manager
- Where you see 'DOWNLOAD', scroll swiping your finger from right to left to scroll from 'Downloaded'-->SD Card-->Runnig-->ALL
- Scroll down to VLC Player
- Select Clear Defaults

Once you do this, please reset your Android device.

Then you should be able to go back to your internet browser. At this time, when you click on downloading the audio file, a popup should appear giving you options of how you would like to address the audio file. Please select the internet icon in order to download it to the device.

Once you download the audiobook files, go to your Apps and open VLC player. Then, select Audio within VLC Player and your audiobook should appear.

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