ANDROID || STEP by STEP: One-Click Zip Downloads

1. Log In to in your internet browser on your Android phone/tablet.


2. Automatically you will be directed to you My Library. Click on the Blue DOWNLOAD button. Then click on the MP3 One-Click Download.


3. Your Audiobook will begin Downloading (Please note, if you are trying to download the individual MP3s, then click HERE to follow the entire process


4. Once Downloaded, You will need to make sure that you can UnZip this Zip file of compressed MP3s. You will need to download an App RAR from the Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store on your Android.

5. Search for Win Rar or RAR. Click on RAR and then install.


6. Once it's installed, please tap OPEN. Tap on your Download folder.

Screenshot_2016-02-01-15-45-00.png --->Screenshot_2016-02-01-15-45-16.png

7. Tap on your audiobook Zip download, such as in this example Desiring book. 


8. Then tap on the icon, located at the top in the blue bar, tap on the Screen_Shot_2016-02-02_at_7.53.29_AM.png 'icon with the horizontal lines with the Up Arrow above it' (located against the trash can) to extract the files. [No need to select individual files beforehand]


9. Select Extraction Path which most times the Default is fine. Then Select OK.



10. Make sure you have an app Audio Player on your Android. We recommend that you use the 3rd Party App "DoubleTwist" which is available from the Google Play Store. To play audiobooks, please see INSTRUCTIONS.


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