How to Download "Bible" Audiobooks?

  1. Once you purchase a Bible audiobook, you will be presented with: SUCCESS: DOWNLOAD YOUR AUDIOBOOKS NOW. You can choose to Download your Bible:
    1. "My Library" - Computer/Laptop/Android/Android Tablet/Kindle Users. See below for Step by Step directions.
    2. "iPhone App" - Apple Mobile Devices: iPhone/iPad/iPod. Scroll down to "3. For iPhone/iPad/iPod users".
  2. Click on the blue "My Library" button in your web browser for Computer/Laptop/Android/Kindle systems.
    1. You will be directed to your My Library, where you will click on the blue Download button.
      1. For Windows Users you will download the MP3 Zip files. A Zip file is a compressed file which contains multiple files within itself. You must unZip "extract" the files in order to listen to each individual MP3 file (You cannot play the .zip file with any audio player). The reason that we use Zip files are because either the audiobooks are too large to download on a normal internet connection or it’s too frustrating for customers to download many individual files, such as a Bible which would have 1189 Mp3 files. 
        1. You will need to install a program to "open the Zip file" (Unzip/Extract)
        2. You can download a program called Win-RAR here:
        3. Install the program onto your computer. (Please read all the fine print during installation of this program as it is a 3rd Party App and not affiliated with in any way).
        4. Double-click on your audiobook zip file and it will automatically open with Win-RAR.
        5. Select the 'Extract To' button in the top left of the program and extract the files to the desktop or a folder on your computer which you know where to access.
        6. Once you extract the MP3/M4B files, you can now play them.
        7. For More help playing audiobooks for Windows Computers, Step by Step, CLICK HERE
      2. For Kindle Users
        1. You will follow the directions for "For Windows" above and then transfer the files from your computer via USB to your Kindle unit.
      3. For Android/Android Tablet Users
        1. You will need to install a program to "open the Zip file" (Unzip/Extract)
        2. You can download a program called RAR. You can download this from the Google Play Store by searching for RAR, or you can CLICK HERE.
          1. Install the program onto your Android. (Please read all the fine print of this program during installation as it is a 3rd Party App and not affiliated with in any way).
          2. Open RAR
          3. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper-left corner
          4. Select the Downloads folder
          5. Tap on your audiobook Zip (Please remember, with bibles, you will have several audiobook Zip files, so you will need to do this process several times).
          6. Select your folders by tapping on the boxes on the right. They will highlight with blue checkmarks.
          7. Once the folders/files are selected, tap on the icon with two horizontal lines with an arrow above it, this is located at the top of the App near the Trash Can.
          8. Select OK
          9. You will then see the files which are extracted from the zip. Close the App.
          10. Open your audio player App (VLC Player) and you will see the audiobook files displayed.
          11. For more help with Android, Step by Step, CLICK HERE
      4. For Mac Computer Users, you will download the Apple Optimized files. You can double click the downloaded audiobook .zip in order to extract the files which will automatically appear in the same Finder folder.
  3. For iPhone/iPad/iPod Users, Once you have completed your purchase and see SUCCESS: DOWNLOAD YOUR AUDIOBOOKS NOW, you will need to make sure you have our christianaudio App installed on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
    1. Pick up your  iPhone/iPad/iPod. Go to App Store on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
    2. Search for the word christianaudio (The icon is green with a white leaf)
    3. Download the christianaudio App. If you have any trouble, please download the App by clicking here.
    4. Open the App and Log In using your email address and password. (Please note, if you use the 'Try it for free' login option, then you will not see your Library, this is just a demo version).
    5. For more help with the christianaudio App, Step by Step, CLICK HERE.
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