STEP by STEP: How to Set Up 6-Month Membership

1. Please visit this link 6-Month Membership

2. Click on BUY NOW


3. You have added the 6-Month Membership to your cart. You can now add audiobooks to use your 24 credits before you complete your order.


4. Click on Browse Audiobooks, or you can use the Search entire store as well.


5. Add an audiobook to your cart by clicking on the Blue BUY NOW button.


6. Now that you have added your audiobook to your cart and have the 6-Month Membership, click on Checkout.


7. Click on the Blue button Register for a New Account.


8. Fill Out the information, then click Continue.

**Be sure to check the Newsletter box, otherwise, you will not be able to download the FREE Audiobook of the Month every month!



9. Click on either Credit Card or Paypal.


10. Fill out your Credit Card Payment Information, then click Continue. If you selected Paypal, the site will Re-direct you.


11. Review your order. Be sure to check the I Agree box in order to Approve and Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership.


12. Success! Your audiobook has been added to your My Library. You are now welcome to download the audiobook! Please click here to see a STEP by STEP tutorial on how to Download Audiobooks.


13. In your Email account, you will need to confirm the newsletter from your own email account. Open your Email Account. You will now receive 3 emails:

     1) Welcome to christianaudio, {Your Name}!

     2) christianaudio: Please Confirm Subscription

     3) Your christianaudio Order # ########

Click on the email titled christianaudio: Please Confirm Subscription. Click on Yes, subscribe me to this list Screen_Shot_2016-02-25_at_9.30.07_AM.png. Your confirmation email should look like the example below:


** If you do NOT see the Email Confirmation titled "christianaudio: Please Confirm Subscription" from christianaudio, then please check the following: 

     A. Check your INBOX mailbox

     B. Refresh your email account.

     C. Search your email account with the search bar for either 'christianaudio' or 'Please Confirm Subscription'

     D. Check your JUNK/SPAM mailbox

     E. Check your ALL mailbox (A few email accounts have an ALL mailbox which is different than the INBOX mailbox).

     F. If you still cannot find the email, please email Customer Service at

14. Once you click the button Yes, subscribe me to this list, you will see Subscription Confirmed

15. You are now ready:

     A) Instructions on how to PURCHASE AUDIOBOOKS 

     B) Download the AUDIOBOOK OF THE MONTH, See Instructions HERE.

     C) Instructions on how to LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIOBOOKS!

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